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released August 21, 2011

Thanks to:

All of the extremely talented writers and musicians that have taken the time to collaborate on our tracks and have given the nod for their contributions to be included on this album - without you all there would be no album!!!!!!! (See Project A.D. Defiance Digital Booket.pdf for full credits and song lyrics!) - the site where all of this was painstakingly conceived, pondered, discussed and produced.
This album is a free download and has been produced in support of cancer research both in the uk and the usa




Project A.D. Warrington, UK

Free download of 19 songs!!!

Please consider a donation to one of these Cancer Charities:

US Donations: Children's Cancer Association's Music Rx which fights the pain and isolation of hospitalization with music therapists, instruments, and more!

UK Donations: Cancer Research UK is the world's leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. We are fighting cancer on all fronts!
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Track Name: The Future Is Now
When I'm away, the borrowed time weighs down on my mind
the debt isn't paid and I know
that each move forward never can rewind
So another day spent working while another chance goes by
When I'm away it's all so clear
The future is now

It's a waste to just dwell upon yesterday
There's a present that you'd better get opening
Get into it or it doesn't matter anyway
The past is fading away, the future is now

Sometimes it feels like I'm stretching for something
out of reach
Things are done for tomorrow
the guidebook followed, just as we are told
Soon it's revealed, I've been spinning my wheels
Wasting time

We got it made
each sunrise another chance to seize the day
It's only my own fault
if these days are wasted for whatever excuse I'd make
It's an open road
and the others we meet help to share the load
Now I can see it's all about today,
The future is now!
Track Name: On The Edge
Small town life in the small town world is where you got your roots
you worked real hard from dawn to dusk‘ dirty hands and mud on yer boots

Then you started running with the crazy crowd in the city and partyin' late
You got a big ego, you're talkin' loud while we sit back and wait

I always thought you were the laid back type coz you had an easy style
But now it seems you're all hyped up can’t you just sit back for a while

You're out on the edge not like you used to be
You're out on the edge not like you used to be
On the edge!!

So you think you need that rat race life in the fast lane all the time
are you sure you need that rats paced life runnin' down the line?

It seems to me you’re forgetting the people who helped you get where you are
yeah you're just ignorin' the people who helped you get this far

I think you need to step back once and take stock of who you are
Yeah you need to step back once and look at who you are

You're lookin' for the answer and you know it's there!!!
Don't forget the way it used to be things were simple then
and don't think you can’t get back to, back to way back when

Try to remember the good old days with family and your friends and don't think you can’t get back to, back to way back when

On the edge!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Greyed Out
I take my place in the usual line
Another day of faithful worship at the shrine
I've run mile after mile just to find
I'm no closer to my own piece of mind
They say that even the caged bird sings...
I'll step off this ledge just to prove that I have wings!

Fly, fly
Decide on your own
Fly, fly
Find your way home

I look to the sky for a spark of inspiration
but find myself blocked by my own hesitation
I've made the best of a bad situation or two
but in the end it's just more giving in to you
Is today the day when I will make my stand,
or again surrender to the upper hand?

Fight, fight
Get yourself free
Fight, fight
Let yourself see

They say that freedom comes with a price
and I am willing to make any sacrifice
This daily grind is getting old
Gotta strike before the iron goes cold
I'll keep my dreams on the horizon line
Never turn back to what I left behind!!

Go, go
Reach for the ring
Go, go Sever the string!
Track Name: All For You
Word is out now can’t turn back
Waiting has ended, time to run
Visions by the night moved you on
Highway dark but for one bright light

All for you my love, all for you
Risk my love my life for you
All for you

Poetry in red and candle flame
Eyes intently search my soul
Memories of love will come to you
Riding on the edge of passion

Sultry lights and flashing sounds
Hang on the edge of letting go
We conspire with all desire
Made to be close as two are one

Hear the pounding of my heart
bursting love as you reveal
A place where I can be set free
Open arms reach out to me

All for you
Track Name: The Hidden
You left me in Dublin hanging on the phone
You disappeared in Sydney when you told me you were home
Every time that we connect
There's always some inherent threat
Forever's just a moment late
Forever like your eyes

When your train slows down
When the ride you're on has ended
You'll understand that I have learned your secret There is love there, but it's hidden

You say you're stuck in Beijing and banging off the walls
Or trapped inside your hotel room or wandering through the malls
Screaming you're the very best
But you don't know how to rest
You only seem to find your thoughts when you are in a cage
And then they come as rage
Everywhere your anxious eyes
Everywhere your cries

When your mind slows down
When the trip you're on has ended
I'll be waiting here to tell our secret
There is love here, but its hidden

You messaged me from Interlagen "Staying for a while..."
"Come and keep me company I need a man who smiles"
I am on the next train
Followed by the next plane
Running for my life

If you really care and you're still there when I have landed
I will show you something that I've never shown before
A love not well hidden
Track Name: Into The Void
Into the void, I've found myself deployed
Without the walls that pestered me before
In every direction I can see only stars
But it's just a fraction, the rest lies beyond what's ours

Into the Void, I've found myself again

Stars pierce into my dreams
It seems like stones plunging through the water
Sprayed memories fray into the void
Like the very best things laid waste at the altar

I'll never forget what was lost into the void
I can't recollect what was lost into the void

I'm trying to make some sense of it all
I'm trying to get back up when I fall
Sometimes it seems like opportunity
From the void looking out, so clear is the beauty!

So into the void I've found myself again
Such a strange beauty when the blackest night descends
In every direction lies an eternal expanse
No center, no edge, beginning or end
Galaxies push and pull in an infinite dance

I'm trying to wrap my mind around this
it's like a spoonfull of pain in a cupfull of bliss

Once again here I am lacking reason or rhyme
Getting nowhere fast but I'm making good time
I'll take another step, Into the Void!
Track Name: Russian Gray
I’ve been wondering the fields of Russian gray
with writers of an age
before the wind was in a crystal ball

And I’m running try to find a way
so I turn another page
and find that I’m not the only one to fall

I’m on the outside
so turn on the radio
I’ll take a long drive
I’m just ready to go
or lay me down

I’m running to find a second wind
a solitary friend
to tell me all the mystery's and lies

Falling from some forgotten grace
bowing on my face
it’s time that i just give up on the ride

I’m on the outside
so turn on the radio
take a slow drive
I’m ready to go
lay me down
Track Name: Blue
I'm so dizzy making you happy if it's the last thing I can do...right

You're in a tizzy making my heart blue you must be thinkin that I'm stuck like glue right

We're lookin' pretty nothing more do except forget to look the left and look right

I'm so happy leaving tracks on you you must think that the view here is pretty nice

When there's no more to take what will you do when all is lost but not forsake the love was gone but always here it's something that has become clear

Now you're afraid of the dark at night, but it's the light that should make you scared

Cold blooded killer smiling in our midst a 10 foot poll no I wouldn't dare
Track Name: Paradox
You’re wondering through my line of vision
I can see you’re losing energy
We’ve been hiding out in all the same places
You’re missing my intentions
Eloquence seems so unnecessary
We’re way past civilized airings
You have your ideas of what’s between us, but
it’s not what you really think

You’ve got what I need
Now give it up freely
My hearts been running free
But Baby you can’t see this paradox

We’re coming to lines of desperation
Allurement would be wasted
We’ve been hiding out in all the same places
You’re pushing me to red
Surrender can be extraordinary
Abandon is no defence
There’s a vacancy hurting deep within me
So please return the sentiment

You’ve got what I need
Now give it up freely
My hearts been running free
But Baby you can’t see this paradox

Now bring your heart to me
Track Name: Defiance
The crows are calling, the
leaves are falling
It's time to head home
And I won't be scared by a
chorus of voices
I gotta trust mine
Cold winds are blowing, as
if to shove me
back from where I roamed
I'm not gonna give in to the
easy out
I'm defiant!

There's a bitter wind
howling outside but I got
to take it on
Freezing cold, I will ride
alone until I finally find
a way
You always warned me to
choose fights wisely
but this one must be fought
for better or....
at the worst I will face
the curse
and rise against defiantly!

Friends and foes are
calling out to coax me
back from the fire
But I gotta stand up and
shout it out, in defiance
The wind is howling and
carrying the voices of
Fuck the empire, I'm gonna
feed the fire, in defiance!

Track Name: Echo
When I'm fine
I'm feeling really fine
The sky is bright, my feet are light, the world is mine
And when I'm mad
It's a rolling boil mad
My eyes are red, out of my head, my words are daggers

I often wonder where I got these ups and downs
And then I visit home and no one notices at all
I know that I'm the owner of my actions, they're all mine
But it seems like there's an echo bouncing back and forth through time

While we grew
We thought we were new
We felt no pain, the fruited plain, it lay wide open
Now we're old
Lazy, rich and old
We will fight, but not for right, now just for money

I often wonder just what happened to that dream
But when I start to talk of it, no one wants to listen
The latest war, another fight, a dying empire's lies
And just another echo bouncing back and forth through time

The king is dead long, live the king
Another kind of tyrant will pick up and wear his ring
It doesn't matter how unique we really think we are
We're just another echo of a distant dying star

Can't be right
Scream into the night
We choose our path our race's fate's not predetermined
These little plays
These repetitious scripts
We play the part, we call it art, our role is frozen
Track Name: The Real Find
Cloud day
In the afternoon
Wrong way
My life
Same situation
But another love
Bad break
In the sea of life

Makin' time makin' up my time for the real crime
Makin' time makin' up my time for the real find

Rest up
My abilities
The average kind
Same situation
Same lies and ties
Wrong take
From the other make

The door is open
And I am looking for...

Ten steps
From the other room
Lookin' out
On the avenue
No situation
Deprived my vibe
I'm my own
Reality - see?
Track Name: Hanging On
At the top of the tower
Is a bird’s eye view
The sentinel watches
Me watching for you

You’re the end of my rainbow
You’re my fire
The heart of a dragon
You’re my desire
No poison arrow
Can seal our fate
The sword by my side
Will cut through the pain

I’m hanging on
Though things look dim
Over the edge
By a broken limb
Hanging on
Full of doubt
Hanging by lo-o-o-ve
When there’s no way out
I’m hanging on…
Oooo, I’m hanging o-o-o-n

Remember last summer
The rose lost it’s red
But the thorn in my hand
Will never forget

I climb these stairs
On a winding path
Of concrete slabs
To reach for the past
My tower of hope
Never crumbles and falls
Like true love
Written on every wall

I run my hand
Across every crack
I’ll throw you a rope
So you can climb back

Take me in your arms
Before the walls fall
In this castle dreams
The dragon will call
I run my hand
Across every crack
I’ll throw you a rope
So you can climb back

My coat of arms
They will keep you warm
Cold as ice
But safe from harm
My arms outstretched
I hear every word
From the top of the tower
Hear the maiden’s curse

Silver eyes
An eagle in flight
Rescue comes
From this last lullabye
I’m hanging on
When things look dim
Over the edge
By a broken limb

I’m hanging on
I’m hanging on
I’m hanging on
I’m hanging on
I’m hanging on
Track Name: Next To Me
I saw you look at me today
But then you turned and walked away
You have to taste love for yourself
You just can't eye it on the shelf
Another month will never do
The time is right for me and you

And I don't wanna wait another day
I need you now
I want you lying next to me

Your long and vibrant history
Of nearly hooking up with me
Doesn't seem to sway your mind at all
I'm getting sick and tired of close calls
You like to flirt, you like to chat
I'm also getting sick and tired of that

And I don't want to waste another night
Talking and walking
I want you next to me

You saw me look at you today
But this time you didn't look away
You have to taste love for yourself
I think your gonna take me off the shelf
And end your endless history
Of never hooking up with me

Cause we're not gonna wait another day
You want me now
And you'll be lying next to me
Track Name: Destination Unknown
There's a bright light shining
through the dark night blinding
It's a white hot spotlight from some source unknown
It's like a freight train coming
through the cold rain running
down the mountainside and you'll find me there

It's a warning from the wiser ones
that we must keep on gaurd
Boulders tumbling down the mountainside
and we know where they will fall

No rain will fall and the wind won't blow
where the trees stand tall and diffuse the glow
I plan to sail away
and my friends intend to accompany

A departure from the way we know
It's time to climb on board
so rig the sails and cast the ties aside
Destination Unknown!!

Pitching forward through high seas toward new destiny
I couldn't have answered if you asked where I would be
Miles away from yesterday
Seas are black and skies are grey

Yet our spirit is soaring higher day by day
Yeah, our spirits are soaring higher day by day

Thunderheads loom over violent seas
I see dry land... but only in my dreams
There's no turning around
cast away from our past until our future be found

We won't be stopping till the anchor is dropping....
and our feet meet earth!

The storm subsides and we end the tour
Now we've found new land and proceed onshore
The journey has now come to pass
And it feels so good to be here at last!
Track Name: Sonic
Hey where are you from
You don't look much like us
Hey why did you come
Mind if I have one touch

Break down these superstitions
Silver Eyes your so malicious
I want to take you out tonight
I want to see your silver eyes
I want to take you out tonight

Ride my Sonic Sister ride
Hear these angels softly sigh
We'll fly through supernova skies

Forsake your own position
Mistake your composition
I'd like to see you one last time
I miss your your super sonic cries
I want to take you out tonight

Ride my Sonic Sister, ride
See these angels slowly die
We'll fly through supernova skies
Track Name: Enough Said
You told me it was a waste of time
another idea better left to let die
say no more is all I have to say
No really, enough said

Say no more is what I have to say
your contradictions are annoying me
coming out of your mouth in foolish ways
so shut your mouth and think about it, enough said

Your opinion sways based on what stands to be personally gained

You told me you had it figured out
a wealth of knowledge caused your fountain to spout
A great success at crushing mystery
you'll do the cutting while the rest are left to bleed
it's opinionated exstacy
peer in the window and it's reflection you see
so the bubble reflects 360
break out of it! Enough said

Your opinions sway based on what gains you personally